Re: Language and non verbal constructs

Ana Catina (catina@Psyres-Stuttgart.DE)
Wed, 5 Jun 1996 17:29:33 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear John,
I also feel uncomfortable when the role of the language is exagerated;
nonetheless I can not deny that in our times it is the main communication
mean. Look only at what we are doing now!
However, the non-verbal communication hat its own place even in
psychological research of our times. It is also an very important
comunication chanel. Nothing new. I should like to approach the topic
that you brought, pre and non verbal construct, that are I think very
important for the intra-individual communication. Remember the "Inplicit
theories of personality" at the end of 50s or 60s? I liked this theory
and tried to understand a lot of PCP having it in mind: it said, may I
remind you, that each of us has a theory about the significant others
according to which one guides or regulate the relationships with them.
The implicit theory
can reamin unexpressed in "discours" (words) and often the person is not
able to "describe" it. However according to such theories one can
perfectly (pertinently) act and re-act toward others.
I assume that there is a construct system saturated in images; it was
agreed upon the fact that thinking might be saturated in images and
"abuses" of shortened "logical" patterns. Pre-verbal can be probably
defined in these terms: with efforts, one could bring such constructs in
a verbal form (see the grid); usually they are applied implicitely (?)
- understood by the person in a very personal internal code. Non- verbal
could be different: much more like Jungian definition, although I think
that Tom refered more to what children intuitively construed beyond the
language, closer to "undeliberated" operatinal level. The verbal level
has not been yet elaborated.

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