Re: Language and non verbal constructs

John M Fisher (101515.501@CompuServe.COM)
05 Jun 96 14:30:50 EDT

Gary, Mike, Devi and eveyone else,

I would like to respond in part to Gary's questions about non verbal constructs
and how do we know etc.

possibly the use of metaphor is one example of how we define, albeit poorly, a
non verbal construct - for example "I had butterflies in my stomach" or "he made
my flesh crawl" both these can be used to describe reactions to something - an
anticipation based on past experience therefore a form of
construction/construct. It is only by some form of shared understanding that we
can attempt to place our experience of flesh crawling or butterflies and map
that onto anothers metaphor.

Another possible identifier is in the physological reactions to events
"goosebump" or the hairs on ones neck raising. Here we are seeing what could be
an unconscious reaction to certain occurances whereby we do respond to
situations by accessing hidden non verbal constructs which have a physical
outward appearance.

If we accept inutition then how else do we account for th feeling of
"knowing"something is right, just round the corner hidden somewhere etc.

maybe I'm becoming sidetracked here I don't know but I do think that non verbal
constructs are a force which we must take into account. Thoughts anyone???

john m fisher