Suinn for APA President

Hall Gordon C N (
Wed, 5 Jun 1996 16:19:24 -0400 (EDT)

Dear APA Members of the PCP list:

I encourage you to rank Dick Suinn #1 for APA President-elect. Dick
is a clinical psychologist, Fellow of Division 12, and has been
responsible for courses in personality theories.

His qualifications are listed below.

Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, Ph.D.
Kent State University

We call your attention to a superb candidate, a candidate who lost
by only 36 votes of 15,000 last year and deserves to be elected
based upon his contributions and his unmatched experience & record.

(Read on if you wish the details).

-Dick Suinn and science: supported research grants through review
panels for NSF, NHLBI, NIMH; expanded experimental psychology
faculty and cognitive psychology curricula as head of the
Psychology Department; strengthened neuroscience laboratories;
protected animal research from a national anti-animal activist
group; published eight books, over 150 research articles on
behavioral medicine, cognition, stress, therapy; and served on
editorial boards of eight research journals.

-Dick Suinn and practice: designed a brief intervention for
anxiety/anger management, initiated a practice journal and task
force on managed care, served on the editorial boards of two
practice journals; worked on licensing legislation; trustee
Association for Advancement of Psychology.

-Dick Suinn gets things done: has been an energetic advocate on all
levels: AP- B/D, Council of Reps, chair of 3 Bds & 3 Committees;
national -president of the Assoc. Adv. Behavior Therapy, on exam
committee of the Assoc. State/Prov., Psychol.Bds; state -convention
chair for Colo Psy Assoc, on state Licensing Bd; city - mayor;
federal -advocate doing briefing on Capitol Hill. Such experience
and know-how is unmatched.

-Compare the experiences of the candidates, and join the
undersigned supporters of Dick Suinn for APA president : Albert
Bandura, Mae Billet-Zisken, Lyle Bourne, Deborah Beidel, Andrew
Baum, Allen Bergin, Laura Brown, Kelly Brownell, Alan Bellack, Rue
Cromwell, Rich Contrada, Margaret Chesney, Lillian Comaz-Diaz, John
S. Currie, Oliva Espin, Donna Gelfand, Marv Goldfried, Robert
Heaton, Janet Helms, Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Phil Kendall, Joseph
Kobos,Tim Kuehnel, Michael Mahoney, Barbara Melamed, Don
Meichenbaum, Alan Marlatt, Thomas Parham, Gordon Paul, Robert
Perloff, Bert Raven, Lynn Rehm, Irwin Sarason, Linda Sobell, Geo
Stricker, Hans Strupp, Stan Sue, Hans Eysenck, Sol Garfield,
E.R.Hilgard, Arnold Lazarus, Charles Spielberger, Diane Willis,
Joseph Wolpe.
John Alcorn, Allan Barclay, Michael Ascher, Betsy Altmaier,
Ludy Benjamin, Peter Campos, Howard Cohen, Rosie Bingham, Stewart
Agras, Ernst Beier, Karen Calhoun, Rosina Chia, Ken Craig, Clyde
Crego, Chris Courtois, Urs Delworth, John Foreyt, Bruce Fretz, Ray
DiGuiseppe, Herb Dorken, Melinda Garcia, Irene Deitch, Ron Drabman,
Herb Fensterheim, Herb Freudenberger, Angela Ginorio, Ira Iscoe,
Lucia Gilbert, Dorothy Holmes, Evelyn Hill, Allen Ivey, Chris Hall,
Gordon Hall, John Horan, Florence Kaslow, Walter Kintsch, John Krumboltz, Chris Lagana, Peter Lewinssohn, Bill McKeachie, Fred
Leong, John Marquis, Tom Miller, Paul Leung, Dan Mckitrick,
Marjorie Leidig, Margaret Lloyd, Rudolph Moos, Stu Oskamp, Joe
Ponterotto, Robin Post, Teresa LaFromboise, Paul Pedersen,
Pamela Reid, Mary Reuder, Oscar Parsons, Ken Pope, Patricia Resick,
Don Pope-Davis, Helen Roehlke, Felicisima Serafica, Norma Simon,
Brewster Smith, Diane Scott-Jones, Irma Serrano-Garcia, Diana
Slaughter-Defoe, Gerald Stone, Royce Scrivner, Reuben Silver, Bob
Singer, Mark Sobell, Tony Puente, Martha Storandt, Derald Sue, Kats
Sakamoto, Reiko True, Sam Turner, Melba Vasquez, Beth
Sulzer-Azaroff, Dalmas Taylor, Barbara Van Horne, Lenore Walker,
Danny Wedding, Roger Weissberg, Pat Wisocki, Michelle Wittig, Janet
Wollersheim, Eric Theiner, Jeffrey Younggren, Toni/Bob Zeiss