Re: Is Kelly a Sidelight?

Gary Blanchard (
Sun, 09 Jun 1996 09:19:23 -0700

Dear John-

You wrote:

> In recent months, there has been much discussion which will not be
>reopened again about what it means to be a Kellian.... I am afraid I
>am seeing less and less representation of more traditional Kellians and
>am beginning to wonder if they are still around? Basic concepts now must
>be discussed at length to reach a consensus because of such diverse
>philosophical underpinnings to terms that only sound alike. Am I
>missing another forum or am I misguided in my concerns? I would not
>mind at all if I am wrong but want people to look at this issue who
>have been involved with Kellian Psychology for awhile.
I don't qualify to answer your post, since I did not know that 'Kellian
Psychology' existed until I came on the net and joined this list a few
months ago. But I respect the spirit and tone of your inquiry and would
like to offer you my perspective. I distinguish between the letter and
the spirit of a matter. The former is the technology; the latter is the
philosophy. Kind of like: species/genus. I joined the list believing
that it was a place where people interested in the spirit of
Constructivism, as a broad new paradigm/alternative to Objectivism, could
meet to exchane ideas, information, etc.

What I have found is, indeed, something quite different. And, for me,
disappointing. Perhaps I should tender my resination? I have no wish to
spoil the party for those of you who created the whole thing, or who are
here to engage in hero-worship, if that is not too severe.

I would offer one final thought (Lois, where are you? Help me out here,
please!): what you, John, have put your finger on could be precisely
what Kuhn pinpointed as inevitable in the March of Progress - a paradigm
crisis. An old point of view, previously almost taken for granted, is
being confronted with questions and challenges by upstart newcomers, and
must decide whether to adapt, fight, or die.

I look forward to reading other responses. Thanks, John, for your
perceptiveness, honesty, and tact in identifying a key issue and setting
it forth for the family's consideration. I hope the conversation remains

Best, Gary, Constructivist-in-spirit