Re: Is Kelly a Sidelight?
Sun, 9 Jun 1996 17:01:23 -0400

To Gary and Others:

Please do not resign! You have misunderstood my questions and intent.
I enjoy the diverse viewpoints. It is hardly my intention nor the purpose
of this internet site to have only Kellians here. I believe this site has a
mix of Kellians and people of various backgrounds who have some interest in
Kelly's work or its implications. This site, I believe is being used as it is
intended and for a variety of viewpoints and far-reaching discussion.
My questions are about ensuring that "Personal Construct Psychologists"
have a place where information is centralized which at one time was a
"Personal Construct Clearinghouse" and later became a journal... I am
concerned that the Clearinghouse may be necessary again if the Journal is no
longer meeting the needs of the International Community. I am not finding
the NAPCN newsletter to be as complete (although the last issue was quite a
good one) and am afraid I am not keeping abreast with this as my only source
of information. This list is separate from this web-site and I view it as
having a separate purpose.
My apologies to any one whom may have been offended.

Most Sincerely

John Fallon
Thresholds Rehabilitation Center
Chicago, IL USA