Re: Devi (Re: Adams-Webber (Re: Lefebvre))

Gary Blanchard (
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 22:02:08 -0700

Dear Devi-

Continuuing (#2) my explanation of what my Constructivism is about, from
a May 12, l996 posting-

>Gary Blanchard wrote:
> Dear Jack and Devi-
> I read with interest Jack's response to Devi. If you're interested in
> my
> non-PCP-trained (i.e., other paradigm) perspective, I would be glad to
> offer it.
> But, not being sure if it would only impede your conversation (in the
> eyes of the two of you), I think it best that I content myself simply
> with making this offer.
> [Note to Lois and Alessandra, and interested others:
> [In my paradigm (Maturana-Varela, Flores-Winograd) an 'offer'
>is a conditional Request; which my training has helped me to see as a
>Speech Act, or Performative verb (a la Austen & Searle).
> [This is interesting mainly because Requests/Offers (and, of
> course, Counter-offers) can be shown to be the source of all human
>action in the world, and always evoke a Promise (another speech act)
>from the hearer of the original Request/Offer.
> [We, all of us, produce these speech act utterances >
>continuously, in the stream of Languaging, which Maturana defines as
>'mutually-orienting behavior.'
> [This 'stream'--- metaphorically-speaking only --- can be shown
> to 'envelop' all of us humans, all of our lives. But the phenomenon
> remains transparent to us until we get, and take, the opportunity to
> REview our daily operations of speaking and listening from the
> perspective of a new paradigm, or point of view.
> [This new paradigm may afford a view of this phenomenon that
> one's current operating paradigm (Objectivism) does not. If the new
> pardigm does permit/provide this perspective, then it will be instantly
> clear that we do, indeed, 'live in language;'and are, hence, primarily
> linguistic creatures.
> [This of course has profound implications for the question: > What makes people tick?]
> RSVP....please! I could be in error. best, gary (Blanchard)