Re: language as not transparent

Gary Blanchard (
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 22:18:51 -0700

Dear Devi- Another brief installment (#3), this one from a post dated
May 13, 1996:

>Gary Blanchard wrote:
> Dear Wendy,
> Thanks for your message per the above.
> Please understand that I am not writing to debate, but rather to
> show, share and speak from the paradigm of constructivism which I have
> found useful, and which I am prepared to submit to test at your
> request.
> It is my attempt at professional collaboration with you and the rest of
> our maillist colleagues.
> Let me give you an example. I wrote of the 'transparency of language.'
> You replied:
> >
> > Dear Gary
> >
> > In reply to your question there are several levels of meaning
> > associated with the statement that language is not transparent....
> But, Wendy, I must ask: exactly where are these levels? Of what are >
>they composed? How is it that you are so readily aware of them and I am
> Could it be that, in fact, there are no 'levels.' That, instead,you are
> using a figure of speech. That, moreover, you do this often (like most
> of us). So often,in fact,that you don't even realize that you do it. >
> Which means that the practice of doing so, of speaking this way, or > >
> being in language in this fashion, has become transparent to you?
> Furthermore, could it be that you had a conversation with yourself
> ('private conversation') before you actually typed your message to me?
> And that you, like the rest of us, have such conversations constantly?
> But that you are unaware of the phenomenon, since you (like us) are so
> accustomed to it. And so it is transparent, in the sense that you do >
> it but don't see it.
> I believe some reflection and observation will reveal that these claims
> are phenomenologically demonstrable. That being the case, the question
> is: what if any consequence arises from this phenomenon of
> transparency?
> Aha, I say. Now we get to paydirt!
> But then, all of this may strike you as only idle rambling. I await
> your response, and that of any others of our fellow maillist friends.
> Best wishes, sincerely, gary
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