Re: Constructs and attitudes
Thu, 27 Jun 96 17:13:58 +0500

>I am just glancing through this thread and wondering why you aren't
>considering the possibility of construing individuals as having more
>than a single set of constructs that can be used for predicting what
>they do. (Maybe I have missed something and you have considered this?) If
>you think of each individual as having sets of constructs that operate in
>tandem and that are initiated by context, then it seems it would be a lot
>easier to predict behavior.
>..Lois Shawver

Actually Lois, my preference model is an "exhaustive" set of constructs, a subset
of which could be said to bear on any given circumstance of anticipation (in this
case the decision between medical interventions or options, ie, context). If, by
any Oracle, we know the utility of any single construct, we need not re-elicit
until such time as the patient might have a change of mind (sort of like when they
change their will - legal document). Classic personal construct elicitation may
have a high potential for modeling that Oracle, no?


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