pcp interest groups

Devi (anima@devi.demon.co.uk)
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 17:32:48 +0100

Expressing a wish to form a PCP interest group at his university, Malcolm
Cross writes:

>Do the various associations (EPCA etc..) have a register of such groups?

The following may be of general relevance and so I hope you'll forgive me,
Malcolm, if I respond through the public medium of the mailing list as well
as to your direct e-mail address.

The EPCA Newsletter publishes a full list of its members, names, addresses,
phone numbers, faxes, e-mails every November, with an update every April.
The list includes a set of interest codes as follows:

1 writing, scholarship, theory 2 Grid techniques
3 Psychometric properties of grids 4 Education
5 Educational psychology research 6 Educational psychology practice
7 Vocational psychology research 8 Vocational psychology practice
9 Career development 10 Management training & development
11 Management theory 12 Employee training & development
13 Stress management 14 Clinical psychology research & practice
15 Psychotherapy 16 Counselling
17 Family therapy 18 Self identity, interpersonal perception
19 Child psychology research 20 Child psychology practice
21 Older people 22 Gender issues/socio-cultural context

and every members' interests are thereby categorised. So there should be no
difficulty in discovering like minds living nearby, and I know many members
use the list for this purpose.

Malcolm: join EPCA!

and good luck with your venture.

Kindest regards,

Devi Jankowicz

PS The EPCA membership secretary's address is:
Ann Harwood, Kent Cottage, The Drive, Belmont, Surrey SM2 7DH
and the membership fee is 10 pounds for the 2-year period April 1996 to
March 1998 for new members.