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Heather Moran (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 20:22:12 GMT

There is a Midlands PCP Interest Group which meets at Birmingham University
(UK) once each term. The group is made up of teachers, clinical
psychologists, educational psychologists and other interested people.It is
advertised in the Association of Educational Psychologists but we have not
managed to find a suitable place to advertise more widely for free to
attract other professionals. The emphasis of the group is upon using PCP in
work with children although there have been other more general presentations.

At the moment there are more educational psychologists than any other group.
The meetings are arranged to run from 6.15pm to 8pm with quite a strict
watch on the time because most people come straight from work. A group of
any hungry people usually go to a very cheap and tasty Balti house after the

The sessions have included a number of areas of interest in repsonse to
expressed needs and interest of the group. During the last year, the
sessions have been run with three short (15 min) presentations, each
followed in turn by 15 min small group discussion. Handouts are encouraged
(to elaborate presentations) and speakers are drawn from the group so that
there has been no need to charge for a session yet.

The plans for sessions are drawn up by a steering group of volunteers and we
have had excellent attendance at each of the 3 sessions which have been run
so far (approximately 60 people at each one). There is an increasing
interest as word is spreading and the sessions have provided plenty of
variety. We are always glad to encourage new interest and no level of PCP is
required at all. All sessions are at a fairly practical level and enable
people to go away with something to try out the next day.

The next meeting will be at the University of Birmingham School of Education
on Thursday, 10th October at 6.15pm. We do need to know numbers to ensure
seating and handouts so please let me know if you intend to join us. I can
be contacted at the following address:

Educational Psychology Service,
9 North Avenue,
Stoke Park,

Tel: 01203-459718

or by e-mail at

I hope to hear about any other groups in return!

I am also interested in contacting other people working with children and
using PCP techniques. I have been developing a drawing technique and am keen
to hear about anything others have done too. I am an educational
psychologist and am currently doing the PCP Centre's Diploma Course in London.

Heather Moran

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