Re: pcp interest groups

Heather Moran (
Mon, 16 Sep 1996 23:03:03 GMT

The Midlands PCP meeting will be at Birmingham University School of
Education on 10th October 6.15pm - 8pm. and will be entitled "Using PCP on
Oneself". We will have two presentations each followed by small group
discussion. The presentations will be by Paul Timmins and Chris Walker. Both
are educational psychologists. Paul will be talking about using
self-organised learning in "Footprints of Reflective Practice" and Chris
will talk about "How psychologists see themselves" (based on work with
educational psychologists).

The meeting is free and anyone interested in PCP and its practical
applications is welcome. Please let me know if you think you might attend -
we usually get about 60 people.

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