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Terry Gardy (
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 23:05:52 -0400 (EDT)

At 08:43 AM 9/23/96 -0600, you wrote:
>If anyone wants info on RepGrid or its programs (FOCUS, PrinCom, Socio
>etc), just email me your fax number, and I will send it to you.


I'm sorry that I couldn't free up time to attend the Banff Conference. I'm
still looking for a PC version of Planet and your email spured my interest.
I've had a look at Bill Chambers Circumgrid and Keith's Omnigrid but find
that neither is as user friendly as Planet and the later doesn't having a
plot routine and Bill's has only a miniscule plot that I can't edit. I was
impressed with the Russian fellow's program KELLY that was demonstrated at
Seattle a few years back but lost his name and contact. Is RepGrid similar
to your version of WebGrid which I tried on the PCP Web Page? If not, is
WebGrid available to use offline? I liked what WebGrid had to offer and the
possibility of using Focus or Locus. I often run across a prin com with
third factor that accounts for as much variance as the second and I cannot
plot in three dimensions nor can I visualize in 3 D unless it's represented
the way Osgoode plots his Semantic Differential (do you know anyone who has
a program to do an Osgoode plot?). Perhaps someone has a PC version of
Slater's Ingrid which got me started in this 12 years ago? A lot of
questions, but I would appreciate your helping this cookbook statistician
whose early graduate stat background ended before multivariate techniques
came into vogue. All the best.

Terry Gardy
Port Moody, British Columbia