Re: Double-loop learning

Robin Hill (BSRAH@TWP.AC.NZ)
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 15:52:55 +1300


Thanks for the response. I will need to read it again, before I can
respond to it. This posting is just to say that I tend to agree with
you about management/OB literature. Many of the whizz-bang concepts
that come forth often appear to be re-inventions of the wheel. I
find myself saying to management educated colleagues... "but we
psychologists have known about that for more than 20 years." The
other thing I find is that by the time much of this stuff reaches the
management literature it has been impoverished and sells the reader
only a fraction of the full package ("less effective on each

As I tried to imply in my first posting, I have had difficulty
finding anything of much substance about double loop learning, and
what I do find, seems pretty shallow and uninformative. I guess
thats why I've asked this question.

No worries about feeling flamed, Devi. My inquiry was a genuine
question - I want to find out more about something that I don't know
much about, but which is something (albeit simplistically) similar to
your words "bringing about change by suggesting
alternative.... expressions...". Argyris might feel a bit
grumpy if he read your posting though. I should add, that if you
were to tell me not to worry about expending energy finding out about
double-loop learning, then I probably would cease. I'd rather be
playing golf! Maybe thats why I can't find much of substance about

Kind regards.......... Robin