Re: Double-loop learning

Gary F. Blanchard, MPA (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 23:17:37 -0800 wrote:

> Magnus Larsson responds to a query from Robin Hill about "double-loop"
> learning, and how it might or might not be related to construing.
> I'd welcome further discussion on this concept....

> b) I hope that the tone of this response might just start up some >dialogue in our mailing list which, (as several people have remarked >recently) has been a bit quiet recently....

> And I await further exchanges on this theme with enormous interest. I >might learn something and stop being so bloody opinionated....

Dear Devi, et al-

I found your comments of interest, and thought it useful to excerpt the
ones noted above.

I gather you are concerned with the value and significance of 'double -
loop learning,' in and of itself...AND with it as a symptom of the lack
of value of much of the field of Oganizational Behavior/Training &
Organization Development.

Am I correct here? If not, please let me know. Then, as a fellow
practitioner of the field for the past 30 years, I would be pleased to
offer some ideas and comments for consideration.

					Sincerely yours,                                           

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