Re: astrology and grids

Mon, 18 Nov 1996 09:30:59 GMT

Dear Graham,

Many thanks for your interesting reply about PCP and astrology. Very
interesting indeed.....I think you're definitely onto something with
the polarities.

There is another problem with astrology (which is such a wonderfully
subtle system) and constructs (not quite so subtle). There is the
extra dimension of "time" and "cycles" in astrology, which in effect
acts as another "construct" system. The transits, as you probably
know are key triggers to the manifestation of constructs e.g.. Moon
opposite Uranus is not really a construct until it is effected in
relation to the actual cycle of the planets in terms of transits.

I am very familiar with Gaulquin's work. I don't think astrology and
statistics make very good bedfellows becuase of the qualitative
nature of astrology and the extraordinary number (virtually
non-computable) of variables avialable.

I would still be interested in participating in your research, if its
helpful, but I have to confess I would be even more interested in
seeing the results of your work !

Good luck !