Re: astrology and grids

Jim Legg (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 23:36:07 +1300


I've wanted to join this thread and would like to make the following

It would be interesting to do a webgrid for each member of a listserve
who gives their birthtime. Elements are members/signs and constructs are
astrological as well as articulated reviewed constraints of listserve

Members will come and go but some patterns may become resistant to
change. A chain-mail and webgrid client is available from my homepage
for this purpose and there is also the 'webgrid service' at calgary.
Mine has the advantage of having me to be able to customize it as a
commercial product to be licensed to listserve archiving data

Would you give this proposal some thought?

G Douglas wrote:
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> >From: (G Douglas)
> >Subject: astrology and grids
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> >Dear Fionn,
> > Many thanks for your interesting note. I am exploring rep.grids
> as a possible research tool for astrology, which may avoid some of the
> pitfalls of personality questionnaires, particularly that of cancelling out
> interior polarities, which seem to me the essence of astrology (as shown in
> the opposing zodiac signs for one example). My experience with
> questionnaires is that the most common comment people make is that they are
> 'extravert one day and introvert another', which is not a problem for PCP of
> course. There is less reason to expect grids to remain constant compared to
> personality scores however and this is likely to be a problem, but it's one
> I prefer to look at after I have some results.So far I've collected over 50
> grids with timed birth data to examine for any sign of the Gauquelin-sector
> planets, (are you familiar with this work?), and realised that statistics,
> although easily applied to a methodology I have worked out, will have to
> wait until I have a clearer idea of exactly what it is possible to
> hypothesize as a correlation between grid and chart.
> > The kind of grid I'd like will have 10-15 constructs based on
> 'significant others ' in your life ,past and present and should be bipolar
> with as much descriptive detail as you wish. If you want to do a principal
> construct analysis or similar even better, I need to see how the constructs
> cluster , especially the first two dimensions.
> > Are you investigating construing of the built environment or is
> it ecological issues that interest you ?
> > I look forward to hearing from you again,
> > Graham Douglas.
> >