Re: PCP and astrology

Jim Legg (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 00:55:57 +1300

Charles Smith wrote:
> Am I the only person who can't understand this PCP and astrology discussion?
> Kelly (1963:73) says "Experience is made up of the successive construing of
> events."
> Is it postulated that an infant construes the positions of planets at birth,
> or the first reading of a horoscope?
> Or have I missed the point? What is the hypothesis?
> Charles Smith

More for my own benefit I would like to respond as it might help clear
up my thinking. I think what Kelly was onto was more the fringe element
of the holographic nature of experience. This, in light of Bohm and
Pribram's view that our minds are holograms in a holographic universe
and that our now-frequencies are photonic and our then-frequencies are
sub-atomic and quantum, lends nicely to PCA analysis of which PCP is a
subset. That, sub-space astrology may also be a subset, is, I think, the

What are your thoughts?

Jim Legg