PCP and movement

Harald Seelig (seelig@ruf.uni-freiburg.de)
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 13:13:49 +0100

Hello there,
this is my first request to anybody on this list who would be able to
give any hints. Actually I am a student at Freiburg's (germany)
Institute of Sportsciences.
To be correct: I' ve got two issues to ask for.
In my workinggroup, we are interesseted in motor learning, motor control
movement perception , self perception... and so on. We are looking for a
way to find out what a subject is going to imagine and/or to perceive
while performing a specific movement. Does anybody know about literature
on PCP and movement perception / kinesiology or even better has anybody
experienced any research on this question?
To (finally) become a postgraduate I will have to write a scientific
work. The idea of my work is to have a look at the usage of
Repertory-grid investigating personal constructs of subjects working on
scientific tasks, especially in a laboratory.(That means reseachers as
subjects). To complete my argumentations for Grids as an adaquate
'instrument' in such kind of investigation I will have to discuss the
usual criteria on scientific work. If anybody could give any hints on
Grids and Reliability, Validity and something like Objectivity (though
I'm aware of this being an contradiction per defintionem, better
intersubjectivity) I would be very grateful. (I've already noticed the
mailbase-discussions on stability, thanks...)
Harald Seelig