Re: PCP and movement

Jim Legg (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 20:47:20 +1300

James Mancuso wrote:
> Harald:
> Would it be of help for someone interested in movement and
> construct systems to consider that we should think of any movement as a
> matter of making anticipatory constructions which are then "matched" as
> a test of the validity of the anticipatory construction.
> Thereupon, would it be useful to think that the most basic of
> the movement related constructs used in making these anticipatory
> constructions would be DOWN-UP; LEFT-RIGHT, NEAR-FAR.
> Then, we could relate all kinds of subordinate constructs to

What I would like to determine is how do all the different PCP-for-this
and PCP-for-that and now PCP-for-movement link together in a store and
forward parallel network and what turns them on and can we use such
pyramid maps as if they WERE the territory inside human augmentation
devicea. I think I kow the answers but I need some supercomputers to
setup and test this grand-challenge problem.

First I would attempt to map a single human life and be there at the end
with total recall and digital PCP sequences of the learned state. The
functional cortex can non-localise the 'PCP aqualung' and substatially
outlive the body. And why not?

Jim Legg