Re: PCP .v. Multiple Sorting Techniques for Flexibility

Mancuso, James C. (
Sat, 07 Dec 1996 21:06:34 -0500

> Hello anyone out there ( but perhaps particularly J.Mancuso).

Well -- thanks for the confidence -- but, you see, you now have four
people advising you. I don't think I could improve on what they have to

I surely would like to say more about the ways in which different
cultures construe particular "realms," but in the USA the matter of
cultural diversity and its importance has only recently been vogue. All
the social scientists had been very busy trying to assure the power
brokers of dominant cultures that they would quickly use the power of
the educucational systems to turn everyone into beef and potatoes types.
Enough of that garlic and pasta, or those stuffed cabbage leaves!!!!
Why is it that the Stanford-Binet tests had not one question that a
farm boy, or an immigrant family's children could answer as a result of
everyday experience? How come that the researchers found that
mathematical and grammatical constructions had a genetic link, whereas
biological constructions seemed to have been missed by the great genetic
programmers? Wouldn't people have better survived if they had a
"biology lump" in their cerebral cortex? After all, that bump would
have come in handy when those primitive types wandered the veldt looking
for the plants which had highly nutritious roots!!!
Perhaps a good grid will help to uncover the gene which those factor
analysts missed!!!

Jim Mancuso