RE: culture & environment

Beverly Walker (
9 Dec 1996 09:05:44 +1100

Dear Fiona,

I don't intend to add to the specifics about grid administration, though I did
wonder if you really need a grid, or merely the construct elicitation stage
that Kelly terms a repertory test, but...

there are some references that you might find useful.

Helen Ross has worked on Australian aborigines' perceptions of housing (see
her book called 'Just for living: Aboriginal perceptions of housing in
northwestern Australia' and an article Construing across cultures: Aboriginal
Australians construe their housing and histories, in Kalekin-Fishman & Walker
eds. The construction of group realities: Culture, society and personal
construct theory, Malabar, Krieger, 1996.) She has also done work on
perceptions of the environment, all of which from a pcp approach. She is
currently on study leave in Seattle, I think, but should be back any time.
Her address is Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian
National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia.

You might also like to look at Graham Davidson & Joseph Reser's paper,
Construing and constructs: Personal AND cultural in Walker, Costigan, Viney &
Warren (eds.) PCT: A Psychology for the Future. Melbourne: Australian
Psychological Society, 1996. It gives extensive examples of aboriginal
construing, which is particularly relevant to what you are studying, given
that the very being of aborigines is inextricably bound up with the land.

Beverly (Walker)