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Dear Mike and Jane,

I undertook a qualitative study (1995) of the drug use and crime of 12-18
year olds already involved in both. I used semi-structured interviews to
explore their reality in relation to many areas including drugs tried,
family assoications, fear, influences on thoughts, memory and feelings,
behaviour, drug access, drug settings, counselling, opinions of police,
opinions on prevention and temporal sequence of drugs and crime. If you are
interested in this report, please let me know and I will organise to send
you a copy.

Dr. Marge Hauritz,
Centre for Crime Policy and Public Safety
Griffith University

>Dear All,
>Help please!! We are undertaking a project to explore user and non-user
>attitudes to drug use (particularly concerning the 'communication gaps'
>between the two) and need help to find any relevant papers/ discussion/
>research in the area, particulalry as these relate to PCP techniques etc.
>Thanks in advance,
>Mike Watts
>Jane Mallick~
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