Re: Conference in Seatle

Jerald Forster (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 17:14:15 -0800 (PST)

Ana and others,
Your comment on having a workshop on evaluating therapy at the
XIIth International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology was timely.
We are preparing the materials that will describe how to propose papers,
workshops, etc., and how to register, and how to reserve lodging. We will
be sending these out in early January. The conference will run from July 9
through July 12, 1997, and it will be held on the campus of the University
of Washington. The deadlines for proposals and for pre-registering are
both March 30, 1997.
I think a workshop on evaluating therapy would be very useful.
There will be four pre-conference workshops on July 8th, offered by Fay
Fransella, Michael Mahoney, Hubert Hermans, and Larry Leitner. We will
have various workshops scheduled within the conference.
April Metzler, who is receiving and organizing the proposals for
the program, has also created a Web Page that has excellent information
about the Congress. The address of the Web Pages is:

I hope many of you can make it. Jerald Forster

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Ana Catina wrote:

> I remember that we had some discussions and unaswered questions on the
> topic of
> how to evaluate therapy or whatever kind of interventions (outcome). I also
> considered the idea of
> having a workshop on this issue in Seatle if the interest is still alive.
> Please let me know your opinion and I shall further...consider what to do.
> I shall be back on 8th of January and hope to hear from you.
> Ana
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