Re: return to Australia

Alastair Anderson (
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 12:20:09 +1100

Hi Mary

Alastair Anderson replying to your message. You may or may not remember me
from the Melbourne PCP group. By coincidece I may be going to PNG to live
this year.
Would love to hear your thoughts on Port Moresby PNG generally. Regards

Home phone is 94994916


At 03:46 PM 1/15/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello and Happy New Year fellow pcp listers!
>This is just a short message to make sure that I have successfully
>rejoined the pcp network and to say hello to any old and now new
>friends out there. For those who know me, Ron and I have returned from
>our wonderful two years in Solomon Islands (sorry none of you managed
>to visit us in those Happy Isles but don't worry we'll bore you with
>the photos when we get a chance to see some of you again). I assume
>this message will provide my new email address here at Monash and I
>look forward to hearing from you at some time.
>For those of you who do not know me, I am a member of the
>Psychology Department at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia
>where I have been involved in teaching a range of topics. My main areas
>of interest before going to Solomon Islands were eating disorders and
>community psychology in general. Since working in Solomon Islands
>however, I have developed very strong interests in non-formal education,
>adult education, training, literacy,
>community development/consultation/participation,
>and anything cross-cultural - which of course allows great scope for
>a constructivist. I would love to hear from anyone with any or all
>of these interests and/or any experience of working, researching or
>simply applying pcp in the "developing world". Enough for now,
>looking forward to obtaining some responses to my first effort at
>using this mind-boggling technology that has burgeoned during my
>sojourn in the Happy Isles tropical paradise. Regards oloketa.
>Mary Marsh.
>Mary Marsh
>Department of Psychology,
>Monash University
>Peninsula campus
>PO Box 527 Frankston
>Victoria 3199
>phone: 61 3 9904 4166