Re: return to Australia

Carole Elizabeth Carter (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 09:32:06 +1100 (EST)

Hello Mary

I've only just read your message of Jan 15, having just returned from
Western Samoa where I was conducting a short counselling skills training
course, so you'll understand why your message has sparked my interest. I
also return often to work in Fiji (where I formerly lived for 3 years)
where I provide training and supervision in counselling and community
education (specifically in child sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence and
sexual harassment) for the workers of the Fiji Womens Crisis Centre. I met
Christina Ramosaea from the Family Support Centre in the Solomons when I
was in Fiji last August, at the Pacific Regional Meeting for Women
Against Violence. (Women from 13 small Pacific countries were there). Do
you know her?

It would be good to talk with you about working in these developing
Pacific countries, especially issues around counselling, training, community
education etc from a PCP perspective.

You might want to contact me directly, on

I'm a member of the University of Wollongong PCP group, and in my doctorate
I'm exploring sexual assault/abuse counselling, using a PCP model.

Carole Carter
University of Wollongong

> Hello and Happy New Year fellow pcp listers!
> This is just a short message to make sure that I have successfully
> rejoined the pcp network and to say hello to any old and now new
> friends out there. For those who know me, Ron and I have returned from
> our wonderful two years in Solomon Islands (sorry none of you managed
> to visit us in those Happy Isles but don't worry we'll bore you with
> the photos when we get a chance to see some of you again). I assume
> this message will provide my new email address here at Monash and I
> look forward to hearing from you at some time.
> For those of you who do not know me, I am a member of the
> Psychology Department at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia
> where I have been involved in teaching a range of topics. My main areas
> of interest before going to Solomon Islands were eating disorders and
> community psychology in general. Since working in Solomon Islands
> however, I have developed very strong interests in non-formal education,
> adult education, training, literacy,
> community development/consultation/participation,
> and anything cross-cultural - which of course allows great scope for
> a constructivist. I would love to hear from anyone with any or all
> of these interests and/or any experience of working, researching or
> simply applying pcp in the "developing world". Enough for now,
> looking forward to obtaining some responses to my first effort at
> using this mind-boggling technology that has burgeoned during my
> sojourn in the Happy Isles tropical paradise. Regards oloketa.
> Mary Marsh.
> Mary Marsh
> Department of Psychology,
> Monash University
> Peninsula campus
> PO Box 527 Frankston
> Victoria 3199
> Australia
> phone: 61 3 9904 4166
> email: