Information about the XII International Congress on PCP

Jerald Forster (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 20:28:07 -0800 (PST)

This message is one of five messages describing the XIIth Congress. The
next message will tell you how to prepare for attending the Congress. The
third message is the registration form. The fourth message describes the
lodging options, and the fifth message describes the four pre-congress
workshops offered on July 8, 1997.
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The XIIth International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology
will be held from July 9-12, 1997, at Haggett Hall, on the University of
Washington campus in Seattle, Washington. As was the case with previous
Congresses, theorists and practitioners interested in PCP will travel from
various countries to assemble with others who have been attending these
gatherings since 1975. In addition, this Congress is expected to attract
people who identify with the postmodern paradigm that might include social
constructionism, narrative therapy, and other frameworks based on the idea
that realities are constructed rather than discovered.
As practiced at previous Congresses, the XIIth will have plenary
sessions, paper sessions, symposia, workshops, and other means of sharing
ideas. During much of the time there will be three or four sessions
running at the same time. In addition, there will be time set aside for
gatherings of people who will meet together each day to follow key themes
or issues. There will also be numerous opportunities for informal
gatherings during social and refreshment breaks.
While there will be a wide variety of topics and themes discussed,
the official theme for the XIIth Congress, CONSTRUCTING MEANINGS,
ADAPTING, EVOLVING, will focus attention on the implications that
constructivism might have for the future of society.
Another theme of the XIIth Congress is to explore the similarities
and differences among Personal Construct Psychology, Social
Constructionism, Narrative Psychology, and other perspectives in the
postmodern paradigm.
This exciting variety of communications and interactions will take
place in a fairly private setting at Haggett Hall, on the campus of one of
the most beautiful campuses in the world. The Conference Center in
Haggett Hall overlooks Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains.
Congress-goers can lodge in the same building as the Congress Center, or
walk to hotels and Inns about15 minutes away.
Presenters will be asked to bring written materials that will be
made available at a nearby Copy Center. This will permit more discussion
and interaction and less paper-reading during the sessions. Discussion
and the negotiation of shared meanings will be emphasized in this
As usual, there will be a gala banquet and numberous social
Since Seattle is the hub of extensive tourism activities during
July and August, there will be a wide variety of attractions drawing
people away from conference activities. Hopefully, congress-goers will be
able to arrive before July 9th and stay after the 12th. For example, a
mountain day-hike is being planned for Sunday, July 13th, where
congress-goers can share some time in the Pacific Northwest's great
This gathering of like-minded people will permit conversations and
group discussions about theory, research, and professional practices
framed by constructivist perspectives. Such interactions might encourage
new partnerships of collaboration that will enhance problem-solving,
adaptability, and survival.
Four Pre-Congress workshops will take place on Tuesday, July 8,
1997. These 4-hour workshops will be led by Fay Fransella, Michael
Mohoney, Hubert J.M. Hermans, and Larry Leitner. A social event will be
held at 8 pm on July 8th for those who have arrived early for the