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Jerald Forster (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 20:39:31 -0800 (PST)

How to Prepare for the
XIIth International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology
July 9-12, 1996, at Seattle, Washington, USA

If you want to (1) register for this Congress and a pre-congress workshop,
(2) reserve lodging, and (3) make a presentation, you need to take three
separate actions. Those actions are described below.

1. How to register for this conference.

Fill out the Registration Form and send it along with a check or
money order to Jerald Forster, Box 353600, University of Washington,
Seattle, WA, USA, 98195-3600. The check or money order for $130 (U.S.
dollars) should be made out to PCP 12th Congress. The deadline for
pre-congress registration is March 30, 1997. It will be possible to
register at the Congress, but the cost after March 30th will be $150.

1.5. How to register for the Pre-Congress Workshops.

You can register for one or two of these workshops, using the same
form as is used to register for the Congress. The four workshops are
described on a page that accompanies this overview. Reservation deadline
is March 30, 1997.

2. How to reserve lodging for this conference.

You need to make your own reservations for a place to stay. The
Congress organizers have arranged for four possibilities that are
convenient and well-run establishments. See the Lodging Page for more
elaborate information.
(1) Haggett Hall. This is an on-campus residential hall, that will also
serve as the Congress Center. This will be the most convenient and the
most economical place to stay. Meals are included in the package deal.
Reservation deadline is June 17, 1997.
(2) Silver Cloud Inn, This comfortable hotel was recently built near the
University campus. It is near the Congress Center and has many amenities.
Reservation deadline is May 15, 1997.
(3) Meany Tower. This 12-story hotel is also fairly near the Congress
Center, located in the University District. Reservation deadline is May
15, 1997.
(4) University Inn. This small hotel is a also fairly near the
Congress Center. Reservation Deadline is May 15, 1997.

3. How to submit a proposal for presenting at the Congress.

Proposals for papers or other presentation formats should be sent
to April Metzler, Ph.D., at Lehigh University, 111 Research Drive,
Bethlehem, PA 18015-4792, USA. You are encouraged to submit the proposal
via e-mail or by responding to the Web Page. The proposal should include a
title, an abstract of 50 words or less, and a description of the proposal
that should be no longer than 2000 words. The most common program will
consist of papers, although formats such as symposium, workshop, or
video/computer demonstration can be proposed. A proposal can also be for
a plenary session, although there will be limited opportunities for this
option. The deadline for proposals is March 30, 1997.

For more information see Web Page: