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Greg Neimeyer (
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 14:01:33 -0500 (EST)


Will there be any of those dormitory "suites" available at the conference
like there were last time? I'm planning on having Paula and the kids out,
too, but I wanted to check about the kinds of accommodation options that
there might be. Let me know so that I can plan accordingly.- Look forward
to hearing from you and seeing you in the not-too-distant future.


At 08:28 PM 2/26/97 -0800, you wrote:
>This message is one of five messages describing the XIIth Congress. The
>next message will tell you how to prepare for attending the Congress. The
>third message is the registration form. The fourth message describes the
>lodging options, and the fifth message describes the four pre-congress
>workshops offered on July 8, 1997.
> Please forward these messages to people who might be interested in
>attending. Thanks, Jerald Forster
> The XIIth International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology
>will be held from July 9-12, 1997, at Haggett Hall, on the University of
>Washington campus in Seattle, Washington. As was the case with previous
>Congresses, theorists and practitioners interested in PCP will travel from
>various countries to assemble with others who have been attending these
>gatherings since 1975. In addition, this Congress is expected to attract
>people who identify with the postmodern paradigm that might include social
>constructionism, narrative therapy, and other frameworks based on the idea
>that realities are constructed rather than discovered.
> As practiced at previous Congresses, the XIIth will have plenary
>sessions, paper sessions, symposia, workshops, and other means of sharing
>ideas. During much of the time there will be three or four sessions
>running at the same time. In addition, there will be time set aside for
>gatherings of people who will meet together each day to follow key themes
>or issues. There will also be numerous opportunities for informal
>gatherings during social and refreshment breaks.
> While there will be a wide variety of topics and themes discussed,
>the official theme for the XIIth Congress, CONSTRUCTING MEANINGS,
>ADAPTING, EVOLVING, will focus attention on the implications that
>constructivism might have for the future of society.
> Another theme of the XIIth Congress is to explore the similarities
>and differences among Personal Construct Psychology, Social
>Constructionism, Narrative Psychology, and other perspectives in the
>postmodern paradigm.
> This exciting variety of communications and interactions will take
>place in a fairly private setting at Haggett Hall, on the campus of one of
>the most beautiful campuses in the world. The Conference Center in
>Haggett Hall overlooks Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains.
>Congress-goers can lodge in the same building as the Congress Center, or
>walk to hotels and Inns about15 minutes away.
> Presenters will be asked to bring written materials that will be
>made available at a nearby Copy Center. This will permit more discussion
>and interaction and less paper-reading during the sessions. Discussion
>and the negotiation of shared meanings will be emphasized in this
> As usual, there will be a gala banquet and numberous social
> Since Seattle is the hub of extensive tourism activities during
>July and August, there will be a wide variety of attractions drawing
>people away from conference activities. Hopefully, congress-goers will be
>able to arrive before July 9th and stay after the 12th. For example, a
>mountain day-hike is being planned for Sunday, July 13th, where
>congress-goers can share some time in the Pacific Northwest's great
> This gathering of like-minded people will permit conversations and
>group discussions about theory, research, and professional practices
>framed by constructivist perspectives. Such interactions might encourage
>new partnerships of collaboration that will enhance problem-solving,
>adaptability, and survival.
> Four Pre-Congress workshops will take place on Tuesday, July 8,
>1997. These 4-hour workshops will be led by Fay Fransella, Michael
>Mohoney, Hubert J.M. Hermans, and Larry Leitner. A social event will be
>held at 8 pm on July 8th for those who have arrived early for the

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