Re: PCA analysis of rep grids

Richard Bell (
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 12:30:26 +1100

Hi John

Some packages are free, some cost a nominal sum, and some cost. There are 3
main web sites that have information or data analysis options or
downloadable programs. I probably have the addresses wrong but I've no doubt
I will be appropriately corrected.

1. Software
There's Chris Evans' one in London which has information about a wide range
of software and some downloadable stuff

Then there's Mildre Shaw & Brian Gaines site which you can use to analyse grids

and one at the University of Wollongong which has a bibliographic data base

2. Training
I don't know of any formal training. Occasionally I get bolted to the floor
and have to run a workshop - but this has only happened in such unlikely
places as Melbourne, Wollongong, & Hudderfield. I suspect such activities
tend to be local and maybe others can tell you more.

There is only one review specifically of 'computerized repertory grids':
Sewell et al in the International Journal of PCP (1992) vol 5, pp. 1-23 -
though this is broader than grid analysis and doesn't deal with the problems
of analysis. I wrote a bit about this latter problem in my chapter in
Advances in PCP (1990) vol 1 pp. 25-48, but as is obvious from my e-mail the
problems weren't sorted out then.

I can't think of any single good introduction. There are good bits and
pieces and bad bits and pieces all over the place. An annotated reading list
would be a good idea I suppose.



P.S. Yes,I am planning to go to Seattle.
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