crazy people/Re: explination of feminist perspective

Bob Green (
Sat, 5 Apr 1997 21:53:49 +1000

On 27 Mar, Gary Blanchard wrote,

>However, it does not follow that because we are free to construe, we can
>just construe any old way we want. Crazy people do that; that's why we
>call them 'crazy.' Effectively communicating (i.e., coordinating) people
>always seek to match their interpretation/construal of a matter up with
>the interpretion/construal of their partner(s)-- hence the oft-repeated
>question/comment: 'know what I mean?'

As someone interested in the construing of persons who are considered
mentally ill I would be interested to see your elaboration of the above
comments. Specifically, do you see craziness and effective communication as
the opposite poles of one construct or are you suggesting people are 'crazy'
if they construe in a random/idiosyncratic manner or do you have some other
meaning in mind.


Bob Green