URGENT Virus Warning

Andy Richards (xgt74@dial.pipex.com)
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:33:14 -0700

Hi there

I have just received this from Microsoft
> Subject: VIRUS Alert! Please read and distribute
> A new MACRO VIRUS has been discovered.
> DO NOT OPEN ANY email with the subject "You have GOT to read this!"
> This is called the ShareFun.A Word macro virus. Both Office 95 and 97
> are susceptible. The virus will automatically duplicate itself and
> randomly send an infected email to 3 other people on your address list.
> The people who become infected will then BLAME you because your name
> will be on the email!
> For more details on this particular virus, please go to this site:
> http://www.mcafee.com/support/techdocs/vinfo/v3333.html

Andy Richards
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        be treated yourself....