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Chad L. Hagans (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 21:03:57 -0400

Mr. or Ms. Jacobson:

I hope I am understanding your concern correctly. Let me try to address
what I perceive it is. According to Kelly's Organization Corollary, our
constructs are arranged hierarchically, such that superordinate constructs
are defined by their subordinate constructs. For example, my superordinate
construction of myself as "intelligent" may be undergirded by subordinate
notions of myself as "having a good memory" or "performing well on tests."
Superordinate constructs are particularly resistant to change, and can
therefore be said to define relatively stable aspects of a person (i.e.,
the "self").

These superordinate constructs may also inform what we experience in our
daily lives. For example, I may gather evidence daily to support my
superordinate construction of myself as "intelligent," and ignore evidence
that invalidates that view of myself (Kelly's notion of hostility).
Therefore, I may experience an "A" or an "F" on a test differently from
someone whose superordinate constructions do not involve "intelligence," or
whose subordinate constructions of "intelligence" do not involve test

This is my first somewhat scholarly entry on the mailbase; so I'd like the
more learned PCP people out there to step in if you feel I've misinformed
Mr. or Ms. Jacobson.

Chad Hagans

At 07:29 AM 4/14/97 -0700, you wrote:
>after reviewing kelly`s approche to human behavior we came across few
>questions regarding the cons of the theory . in most of the theorys that
>are common among modern psychology there is a significant "room"to the
>"self" concept . kelly`s assumpsions of the human cognitive structures
>is left without this integrative asspect and hence my question is how
>can we accept kelly`s whole view while the last seem to fail to explain
>what we can expirience in our every day life`s ? (i.e a workink system
>that intergate`s our belifes or constructs etc. )
>regards /
>tomer jacobson .

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