Re: The Missing Self

tomer jackobson (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 03:12:52 -0700

Gary F. Blanchard wrote:
> Dear all-
> This discussion about 'the self' has triggered me to put in my two
> cents,
> for what it's worth.
> I offer the proposition that there is no 'self.' It's just a
> distinction we distinguish, in language, to indicate something about the
> unity, essence or totality of our living physical presence.
> And, although I'm not sure about this, it appears to be a distinction we
> employ only with respect to us humans, not any other creatures.
> What do you think? Does that forward the discussion at all?
> Comments?
> Best, Gary
dear gary .
1.thank you for your time .
2. my english is full with spelling mistakes...
3. I think that if one is examing a concept or a notion in all aspectes
he should srart from your starting point .is it realy in there ???....
4. psychology is a tricky disapline in the sience world : I study it for
1.5 years and sometimes I get the funny feeling of a religious student
wich is , i assume , rare among computer students for exampel ,if you
listen closely enough to the verbal output of teachers to psychology you
might find ( as I do )that the term "belive" come`s out in a scary pace
.now ,peple can wave in reply to this with the experamental flag as the
scientific evidence to the diffrence between muhamad & freud , but even
them can sense the mystical environment that surounds most of the fields
of (post) modern psychology .
that brings me to our issue :you don`t except that in 1997 someone can
reply to your proposition with an internet link who will say "the " have to look it up introspectively ,you "think" that
the self "distinction we distinguish, in language" but instead you have
to try and feel it.. you can feel love can you ? you c`ant "think" of it
for it got no sence.... you have to try and feel it -when you read this
,when you drive on the highway when you alone...peple can argue that
they have a "self" (in my view)only on this bases . in short there is a
wide erea ( wich includes the self) that need`s an inner look to belive
in - belive in , not as a messege from god but as a self search for the
truth-your truth .
tomer jacobson .

"look deep within your self "(the silence of the lambs)