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>Dear Mike-
>Good to hear from you, and thanks for your comments
>> wrote:
>> Gary:
>> Your question is a good one, of course.[Can cats construe? What
>> evidence/grounding is there to prove this claim?] It is always good to have
>> someone looking over our shoulders and asking us to justify our assertions.
>> But this isn't really a difficult one, it seems to me. It seems to
>> me that it is the responsibilty of the person who wants to make the
>> claim that a cat can construe a Cathedral as an expression of her
>> relationship to God to make that case. For the person who wishes to
>> deny this, it goes a long way simply to state that there isn't the
>> slightest bit of evidence that the cat is able to do this. Further,
>> cats can't perform even the most rudimentary tasks that one would see
>> as precursors of the type of adequate self-knowledge in order to make
>> such a judgment (e.g., cat's don't show self-consciousness when placed
>> in front of a mirror). So yes, we can make judgments about the other
>> people's (and organism's) consciousness on the basis of inferences about
>> their behavior.
>> Mike Mascolo
>I'm not clear on what you're saying here, Mike. Please clarify.