cats - was intersubjectivity

Chris Evans (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 16:20:34 +0100

I can't resist posting this response from my better half (sad when
you come to conversing partly in Email despite living in the same
house, such is the modern construct of the family). She brought two
cats into my life when we met. She's psycho-analytical rather than
constructivist, last example = cat/pill story, ORT=Object Relations
Theory. Hope it amuses some.


On 23 Apr 97 at 16:57, Jo-anne Carlyle wrote:

> Chris
> I liked it all, but wasn't sure that I understood some of the first
> part, however, it seemed to me that the Cathedral experiment lacked
> something in terms of the unconscious (or indeed conscious?)
> dynamics in cat psychology and therefore perhaps in an analysis of
> the process of construing?
> It seems to me that the cat is essentially an omnipotent animal -
> certainly that its own construction of itself is as such (as
> demonstrated in the last example). It is also an animal that whilst
> in no way feeling that it has to prove its omnipotence in a
> defensive manner does take any opportunity to leave its object (in
> ORT terms, can therefore include God) in no doubt as to its
> omnipotence. The cat therefore would use the litter near the altar
> to straightforwardly demonstrate its position of
> omnipotence/omniprescence. UNLESS it had a particular reason for
> _not_ doing so, that it felt to be in its better interests - e.g. it
> was Friday and the cats motto might be don't crap on the doorstep of
> the hand that provides fish on Fridays, etc.

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