Re: Intersubjectivity

Gary F. Blanchard (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 18:09:39 -0700

Dear Bob-

Thanks for your comments on my latest post to Bob Parks. May I offer
this response to yours:

> Bob Green wrote:
> Is there AN appropriate/accurate way to construe a text? Certainly it is
> possible to take things out of context, miss cultural or historical
> allusions, lack specialist knowledge and read into text meaning the author
> did not intend, assuming the author was aware of their intention. Is the
> above discussion not a demonstration of differing constructions of the merit
> of certain ideas?

Your examples are exactly what I meant by the challenge of construing
appropriately, not merely reading, what is written.

> I would agree that people can construe in a characteristic way, but I am
> unsure about it being a matter of being preordained. This would seem to me
> to be the basis of the argument, that our world view creates us. For change
> to exist we must also be able to create our world view.
Precisely. But first we must know that we can, and then we must want
to, and then we must learn how, and then we must do it. For many of us,
this appears to be so daunting a task as to practically not exist.