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Fri, 16 May 1997 13:30:35 +0800


I shan't be attending the congress, but I do have a relavnt book out, which
I should be happy to see represented at your book fair:

Details below:

I shall pass this on to Denis Snook as instructed:

> We need your help in identifying the current books useful
>to schoars and practitioners of personal construct psychology.
>AUTHORS--Please provide information on your current books on
>the form below. We will contact your publishers on your behalf
>to assure that your book or books are included in the exhibit.
>ANYONE--Please provide the name, author, publisher, and year
>of publication of books that you have found useful in your
>research or practice of personal construct psychology.
> Please act now--Contact Denis Snook at:
>27777 Snyder Road Phone: (541) 688-8754
>Junction City, OR 97448 FAX: (541) 737-2289
> E-mail:
>NOTE: Direct all e-mail to
>Author(s) and Title:_Geoffrey H. Blowers and KieronP.O'Connor

Personal Construct Psychology in the Clinical Context

>Publisher and Year: University of Ottawa Press 1996

>For authors only: Name of contact at publisher: Mme Bosse
Address:University of Ottawa Press, 542, Rue King Edward, Ottawa,
Ontario, CANADA K1N 6N5
Phone: (613)-564-2270 FAX: (613)-564-9284

Please let me know if you require firther details.

Best Wishes

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