RE: ruminations/obsessionality

Bob Green (
Mon, 19 May 1997 21:18:16 +1000

Hello lindsay,

Regarding your comments,

>How has the person tested this prediction ie what do they DO to make themself
>feel better?

I saw the person this afternoon and it was interesting, because although the
initial feedback was that things were as bad as ever, I drew a line with the
poles: continuous thoughts and nil thoughts. Surprisingly, there was
movement away fromm the continuous pole, which particularly surprised the
client. We were able to discuss several strategies which had been employed
over the lasst week with varying levels of success. The other thing I asked
for was a list of the derogatory comments, which provided a discussion point
for issues from the client's past. These issues were not seen by the client
to be linked with the derogatory thoughts, although they afforded me insight
into the client's life, not previously offered.
>Would the person feel differently if the intrusive thoughts about others
>became more predictable?

I will have to pose this question.

>Maybe it is that rumination is the antitheses of "testing out" in both the
>sense of Kellian experimentation and Beck's cognitive therapy.

Would you like to say more on this?