RE: Macmurray, Blair & Kelly

Beverly Walker (
20 May 1997 16:20:07 +1100

This is a query to the UK-based pcpers.
Last night we had a program on TV about Tony Blair in which it was stated
that he had been particularly influenced by the philosophy of the Scot John
Macmurray. they even showed a picture of Macmurray. The last time I heard of
Macmurray was in discussions with Miller Mair. Miller told me he thought that
there was a strong similarity between Macmurray's pohilosophy and Kelly's.
Miller thought Kelly might have been influenced by him while he was studying
in Edinburgh. I had a look at some of Macmurray's stuff and indeed there was
interesting similarities, if I remember correctly particularly re the social
My question is : is it widely debated about the influence of Macmurray on
Blair's politics and if so how does it influence them?
Beverly (Walker)