Denicolo & Pope (1997): Sharing Understanding and Practice

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Thu, 29 May 1997 20:16:22 +0100 (BST)

This book is now available and is published tomorrow.

> Denicolo, P M & Pope, M L (1997) (eds). Sharing Understanding and
> Practice.Farnborough:EPCA Publications (ISBN 0-9530198-0-2)(pp380).
> A softback selection of papers presented at the 1996 EPCA conference at
The University of Reading.
> The book costs =A312 (twelve pounds sterling) for ECPA members
and =A315 (fifteen sterling) for non-members. Please add for
> postage and packing: UK =A31.00 (one pound), Europe =A32.50 (two pounds=
> pence). Surface mail: US =A34.25 (four pounds fifty pence), Australia =A3=
> four pounds seventy-five pence).=20
> Cheques or money/bankers' orders should be made out to EPCA Publication=
> and sent to Dr P.M.Denicolo (EPCA Book), Community Studies, University =
> Reading, Bulmershe Court,Earley, Reading RG6 1HY. =20
> The book includes papers by Phillida Salmon, Luis Botella, Martin Fromm=
> David Winter, Trevor Butt, Vivien Burr, Maureen Pope, Pam Denicolo, Joe=
> Scheer, Devi Jankowicz, Valerie Fournier, Dusan Stovnov, Bernadette
> O'Sullivan, Walter Wills, Julie Ellis, Mike Watts and many others, some
of whom are first-time authors. Its scope is particularly wide and it wil=
be very attractive to practitioners, covering not only a range of
theoretical and methodological questions, but also
> detailed accounts of research conducted in professional
> contexts, including clinical psychology, psychotherapy, nursing, hospit=
> management and education.
> Anyone wishing to see a full list of the contents should respond to me =
> my home mail-box as given below. Responses to my mailbase
will not be collected. Thank you.
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