Chris Evans (C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk)
Fri, 30 May 1997 19:02:30 +0100

The PCP list just achieved its first ICQ chat. Cathye Betzel and I
made contact and this is a portion of the result!

There is something very personal and exciting about the
immediacy, I feel I "know" you much better than I generally feel
I know someone after reading an Email or two on the list. I
wonder if that's partly a reflection of the feeling of being
rather exposed in comparison to how I feel in Email: I know you
can see my typing "stutters" etc. Could immediately be telling me
something about my "core construct system" and the ways in which
I handle "sociality", that old "construing the construing system
of the other" chestnut. GA

To which Cathye replied (aren't PCPers so generous?!):

That was a priceless observation. Yes, I too feel this is a
much more personal medium than email lists. Both have their
place, but chat does give the opportunity for much more
exposure of each others ways of construing ,
constructions, etc.

I'm still not sure about the relative merits of ICQ and/or IRC but I
think this is probably worth pursuing for those who wish. Would
anyone interested please reply to me (_NOT_ TO THE LIST PLEASE)
1) I'm interested
2) I've got/not got ICQ
3) I've got/not got IRC
4) I've got/not got WWW browsing
5) what I'd like to chat about (optional question!)

I'll collate the responses and summarise to the list. The offer to
use IRC on my server continues (point your IRC
client at psyctc.sghms.ac.uk or, channel is #pcp)

The thing that ICQ has that IRC hasn't is that the system allows
you to keep a list of people you know and, when you log onto the
system (you can keep that logon running in the background if you've
a permanent internet connection), ICQ will let you know when any of
those people are online or when they go online (assuming you're
still online!)

Given that, if you're interested in ICQ or already have it, then you
might want to know that I'm 1384313 (they give you such wonderful
names huh?!), Cathye is 1285200, Jeannette Go is 1361482 (but she,
probably sensible woman, I'm not clear yet, won't let you put her on
the list of people the system will announce to you everytime she
goes on line unless she authorises it and she's away for the

Clearly one option is to keep a list of ICQ numbers of those of us on
the list who have the software.

Over to you all!


Chris Evans, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy,
Locum Consultant to the
Prudence Skynner Family Therapy Clinic,
St. George's Hospital Medical School, London University
C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk http://psyctc.sghms.ac.uk/