Re: pcp training

Chris Evans (
Sun, 1 Jun 1997 12:07:31 +0100

On 31 May 97 at 22:49, Hurricane PC wrote:

> Hello Chris
> I have reasently completed a course in pcp level one
> gaining 10
> credits. i have had difficulty obtaining information on further
> training. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could offer,
> in this area. thank you Anne Mason matuer student
I assume from the ISP that you're in Britain. I _think_
the main source of further training would be the PCP centre.

I've forwarded a posting from Fay Fransella about the centre. The
posting is way out of date now but I think the centre is still going
strong. Fay would be the person to know.

The other thing I'd recommend if you make regular use of Email is to
join the PCP mailbase list. To do so, send a message to:
saying just:
join pcp Anne Mason
in the body of the message.

The final thing you should do is join the EPCA (European Personal
Construct Association), unfinished WWW pages for the EPCA (not for
public announcement yet) are at:

Best wishes,


P.S. to Fay: Do you want me to mount something for the Centre here?
If you've got something elsewhere then we should definitely have
pointers to it here so let me know! Hope you're well!

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Locum Consultant to the
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