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Viv Burr (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 10:27:19 +0100

Dear all

I wonder if those of you working outside the UK might have some information
that would be of help to me. I am currently writing a text book on the
social psychology of gender (although I am not explicitly taking a
constructionist stance, I am aimimng to challenge the traditionally
essentialist and individualist stance taken toward gender by psychology). I
am hoping to make the book accessible to students outside of the UK, and
would like to include a number of illustrative examples from other
countries. The kind of thing I need would be, say, examples of gender
differences or divisions and inequalities in areas such as education, family
life, paid work, welfare benefits, legislation and so on. It need only be
something very short and simple, like pay differentials or examination
success rates. If you know of anything that might be useful, I'd be very
grateful to receive it.

Many thanks

Viv Burr
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