RE: Research Assistance : Academic Supervisiors.

Chris Evans (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 11:13:16 +0100

On 16 Jun 97 at 17:54, Jones, Helen wrote:

> Fay...what does this reply refer to? I don't remember seeing the
> original message...could you send it to me please
> Helen
> ----------
> From: pcp-request
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> Subject: RE: Research Assistance : Academic Supervisiors.
> Date: 16 June 1997 07:33
> No message received.
> Fay Fransella

I didn't understand it either and I don't think there's much chance
we'll find out from Fay 'cos I suspect it's something her mail system
generated without her consent!

I'm copying this to her to see if we will find out! (Fay?!)


P.S. Helen, your Email setup is definitely sending replies to the
"sender" field in the incoming message, not to the "reply to" or
"from" fields. That's why your replies to things from the list are
coming to me!

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