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Thu, 26 Jun 1997 11:37:48 -0600

M.L.Pope wrote:
> I have a paper Pope ,M and Yeung,K(1996) Thinking about stress ;the student
> teachers viewpoint in KOMPF,M/BOND,R/DWORT,D and BOAK,T Changing Research
> and Practice London Falmer Press p 104-119
> Tihis has a number of references at the end
> Maureen Pope
> Dean of Faculty of Education and Community studies
> Bulmershe Court
> University Of Reading
> Reading
> RG6 1HY\

The topic of teacher and student stress and the personal constructs
associated with the generation of stress in these contexts is a topic
of great interest.(I am employed as a school psychologist primarily at
the high and middle school levels). The book and pages you mentioned
may not be available in the USA. Do you have an address for London
Falmer Press?

Am also interested in personal constructs associated with attention
deficit disorders.

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Tony Rottino

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