99congress venue change

Beverly Walker (Beverly_Walker@uow.edu.au)
2 Jul 1997 09:46:58 +1100

Dear all,
A couple of people on this list seem to think that something 'untoward'
happened to scuttle the 1999 congress in Israel. This is not the case.
Devorah Kalekin-Fishman withdrew her offer.

On the issue of some kind of loose organisation internationally I support this
strongly. This issue simply illustrates why. Devorah did not know who to
tell about this. Eventually the convenors of the trans-national groups, EPCA,
NAPCN and the Australasian network were contacted and set about asking around.
I let Joern know and the German proposal has resulted. However it would have
been far easier if we had been delegated that sort of responsibility. And it
would save people getting unnecessarily miffy at how this came about.

One of the many things I learned in the women's movement was that
non-hierarchical groups were hierarchical, just like explicitly organised
ones. The difference was that power was implicit, not explicit, and if you
wanted to change things this often ended in apparently personal attacks which
would have been avoided in a system which provided for change in a less
personal way.

See you in Seattle,

Beverly (Walker)
(former convenor of Australasian PCP network)