Re: 99congress venue change

Devi Jankowicz (
Wed, 2 Jul 97 23:38:31 +0100

Beverly Walker writes:


>One of the many things I learned in the women's movement was that
>non-hierarchical groups were hierarchical, just like explicitly organised
>ones. The difference was that power was implicit, not explicit, and if you
>wanted to change things this often ended in apparently personal attacks which
>would have been avoided in a system which provided for change in a less
>personal way.

Yes. I learnt the same from non-directive, content-free, process-oriented
encounter groups... don't challenge the group's raison-d'etre as
personified in the group facilitator!

An informal international steering group would seem to make sense; and
here's another vote of support for Joern's kind offer.


Devi Jankowicz