Introducing Enquire Within

John Mayes (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 03:02:49 +1200

I am sending the following to members of the pcp group as a follow up to
the introduction of Dr Valerie Stewart and myself. I believe that we have
something here which will be interesting to many of the pcp group. Also we
include an offer to members.

The ENQUIRE WITHIN application puts Repertory Grid onto a Windows-based,
fully functional, interactive platform. Designed for use by an interviewer
or for self-administration, ENQUIRE WITHIN includes the following features:

1. Construct elicitation using randomly selected triads or self-selected

2. The facility to use element elicitation questions;

3. Laddering up with a choice of two strategies, and three levels of

4. Laddering down with a choice of three prompts;

5. The facility to mark and/or prioritise constructs;

6. Rating elements on constructs on a nominated scale up to seven points;

7. Dendritic analysis with graphical representation;

8. Appropriate treatment of discrete or non-discrete element sets;

9. The facility to differentiate highly correlated elements, and
constructs, through automatic or manual selection, with automatic
re-calculation of the Grid;

10. The option to add new elements, delete and/or re-write constructs, at
any stage in the process;

11. Archiving facilities for storage of re-written elements and constructs;

12. Full Help facilities including on-screen pop-up helps;

13. A scratch pad for recording notes and comments;

14. Direct printing of all results or input into rich text file format for
inclusion in reports.

The user can prepare all the resources for an ENQUIRE WITHIN session in
advance and store them as files (purpose, elements, element creation
questions, and qualifiers) or enter them directly into the session set-up.
Other than needing a minimum of six elements, ENQUIRE WITHIN imposes
virtually no restrictions on the user; you can use as many qualifiers as
you wish, there are no restrictions on length of elements or constructs, or
on the number of elements and constructs which the dendritic analysis can

As users of Repertory Grid will know, its strength is that it is a powerful
but content-free procedure. This means, however, that new users have
simultaneously to learn the skills of administering and interpreting
Repertory Grid, and the skills necessary to configure it for a particular
purpose. To make this easy, we have prepared three different versions of
the accompanying tutorial material:

1. A Demonstration Suite which takes the user through a number of
configurations of ENQUIRE WITHIN for different purposes, with full tutorial
material on Repertory Grid and setting up your own sessions for any

2. A Business and Management Suite in which all the tutorial examples are
taken from Business and Management uses of Repertory Grid, including a
large range of prepared sessions for organisational purposes;

3. An Education Suite in which all the tutorial examples are taken from
uses of Repertory Grid in education, including a large range of prepared
sessions for educational purposes;

Each version contains the full ENQUIRE WITHIN engine; the difference lies
in the range and content of the tutorial material.

Designing ENQUIRE WITHIN has been a fascinating journey for us. Time and
again we have felt the need to honour George Kelly and his insights, which
in so many ways were ahead of his time. What could he have done had he had
available to him the power of today's personal computers?

Also, when we began, we had no idea of the qualitative changes we would be
able to make to the power of Repertory Grid because of the speed of
feedback to the user. Building and exploring the cognitive map generates
so many questions, so many insights. We realised that - amongst other
things - ENQUIRE WITHIN has the potential to revolutionise education. We
believe that we have designed a program which enables people - students,
counselling clients, managers - to look inside themselves for the answers,
and to respond as ENQUIRE WITHIN challenges them to look further. We were
concerned for how people would learn to make sense of a world in which
information is multiplying exponentially when we all know that the mind
thinks with ideas, not information. Hence the name ENQUIRE WITHIN -
Repertory Grid offered to todays's world, for PCT users and indeed for

Special Offer to members of the PCP Group:

We are offering, for a limited period, up to 20 free copies of the ENQUIRE
WITHIN Demonstration Suite for members of the PCP group to evaluate. These
copies will be enabled to work for one month only, and we will include a
feedback request. On receipt of the completed feedback forms, we will
enable these copies to work for a further two months.

We are also offering, again for a limited period, a one-month trial of the
Demonstration Suite for US$100.

Further details about the ENQUIRE WITHIN application and purchasing
information are available at

ENQUIRE WITHIN is a Trademark of Enquire Within Developments Ltd.

John Mayes
New Zealand