Re: CORRECTION: Rep grids and cognitive flexibility.

Jim Legg (
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 16:17:14 +1200 wrote:
> Yesterday's message was incorrect.
> My aim is to study cognitive flexibility (not complexity) in
> relation
> to moral awareness. Can anyone help?

I have examples of the same set of data concerning moral awareness which
were processed by two software packages. One called "Decide Right"
seemed to use a dendritic method and came up with a single set of
conclusions. The other was my Ingrid96 PCA package which showed a higher
degree of flexibility in that it showed both sides of the argument and
though it showed the same conclusion as the "Decide Right" package it
finally aligned with the outlook that suited my intuition, (which was
diametrically opposed to the "Decide Right" conclusion.)

Ingrid96 is available as DOS freeware from my website and I can build a
special page on the above sets of data.

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