Re: Introductions
Tue, 16 Sep 97 23:37:01 +0100

Dear John,

>Meantime I understand that there is software avilable which enables PC
>based software to be run on a PowerMac. This is called VirtualPC and is
>obtainable here for NZ$295 (approx UK pounds 120). If you are interested
>you may be able to obtain it locally. If not I would be prepared to
>purchase a copy for you here. However I could provide no guarantees as to
>its effectiveness.

Yes, thank you very much for this information, and for your very kind
offer. I've used the Virtual PC software and it works fine on my machine.
Unfortunately, I really don't like the antediluvian (antideluvian? Sod
it! _Prehistoric_!) nature of PCs in general and I didn't in the end see
the point of reproducing a clunky old PC on my sexy, yummy Macintosh.

Another Mac enthusiast, unfortunately- there's no talking to us, I'm
afraid. Can't take us anywhere. Past all hope of redemption.

So until there _is_ a Mac version of your own software, I shall carry on
with Mildred Shaw's / Brian Gaines' Mac-based REPGRID: which is very
good, actually, though it lacks some of your own features. There again,
it has a SOCIOGRIDS routine, which I find very useful.

Kindest regards,